Medical Mission Assistance

2021 – 2022


In addition to providing scholarship assistance to surgical technology students, The Foundation for Surgical Technology is also dedicated to helping CSTs who volunteer for medical missionary work. A member is eligible to receive this award one time only.

Please fill out the application below and submit it to the Foundation at AST headquarters. The deadline is December 31.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. All applicants must be active AST members with currency.
  2. All applicants must provide a description of their membership history—join date and any AST involvement. Upload supporting documentation below. Be sure include your name and medical mission in the document.
  3. All applicants must provide official documentation of the educational program they are entering or the mission program they have described. Upload official documentation below.
  4. All mission programs must include official receipts documenting the costs incurred by the individual and all costs must be shown in dollars. All assistance is determined after the medical mission trip has occurred and the appropriate documentation has been provided. Upload supporting documents below.
  5. Two letters of recommendation must be provided. Upload letters of recommendation below.

If you have trouble uploading documents, please email them to

How have you been involved in AST and your state assembly

Dates of mission trip::

Please fill in the appropriate information that applies to your medical mission. Be as complete as possible in order to help the committee make the best possible decision. You are welcome to upload brochures or any relevant material that will describe the program or mission you are proposing. Documentation of expenses must be valid receipts and any foreign currency expenses must be converted to dollars.

Please give a description of the mission including how you used your skills, as a CST, to assist on the trip.

Mission Director/Dean

Level of support required by mission

Please provide two letters of recommendation completed by a fellow mission team member after the completion of the mission trip.

Receipts showing personal payment of airfare, and/or other cost of trip.

Article (minimum 500 words) that can be published in The Surgical Technologist Journal to share your experience.

Photos from the trip that can be published in the journal along with submitted article.


I agree that all the information above is correct and true.